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“Creative Office Solutions helped me get past 14 years of a ‘piling system’ and finally get my office organized in a system that works. The methods have even started to spill over to my home life. Alleluia!”
— Owner, Graphic Design Firm



Joan Kuenhold
President, Creative Office Solutions, LLC

About Creative Office Solutions

Dear Business Owner,
A few hours of hard work puts you ahead of the game

If you're swamped, starting a business, or frustrated with your current sticky-note process, we need to talk! Creative Office Solutions will immediately empower you to:

Recognize and eliminate time robbers
Manage your multiple inboxes (email, voicemail, faxes, etc.)
Prioritize actions that propel your business forward

I challenge you to take charge … and we'll help you
Take charge of your office, your clutter, and your overwhelming workload. Instead of feeling frustrated at the end of a long day, feel rewarded with more free time and REAL accomplishments that help grow your business.

Create and sustain a productive work environment
Creative Office Solutions, specializes in streamlining and improving your business processes. We've helped many different personality types with different work styles, including executives, managers, and innumerable small-business owners. I promise - we can help you, too.

Now you're in charge!
With streamlined processes in place, you save time, aggravation, and MONEY. Envision a growing business, reduced stress, and productive workdays that move you toward your personal and professional goals.