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“The tidbits I received have added at least 30 to 60 minutes a day to my life—both personally and professionally.”
— Mortgage Broker
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How to recognize and eliminate time robbers
Tips for streamlining your workflow
Office layout tips to reduce interruptions, frustration, and stress
Tips for increasing office productivity
How to manage your multiple inboxes (email, voicemail, faxes, etc.)
Case studies of business owners who implement organizational processes to save time and focus on growing their business
How easy-to-learn software tools keep you focused on priorities
How to keep the bulldozers at bay: Evaluate, manage, and file every piece of paper

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Creative Office Solutions, LLC
Joan Kuenhold, Business Process Expert
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Bristol, WI 53104
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Many business owners flounder in antiquated systems, rooted in the days of one inbox per desk. Today, inboxes include: email, mail, overnight delivery services, cell phone voicemail, business line voicemail, and the fax machine. It's no wonder business owners feel overwhelmed.

Enter business process expert Joan Kuenhold.

Owner of Creative Office Solutions, LLC, Joan Kuenhold is a productivity consultant, and executive coach with more than 25 years of business experience. Joan specializes in productivity training, office needs assessments, and workflow analysis.

Creative Office Solutions helps companies streamline their processes, laying the foundation for future growth and providing step-by-step solutions to:

Improve office layout to streamline workflow and decrease stress
Implement easy-to-use software tools that save time and eliminate the all-too-frequent question: “Where did I put that?”
Increase productivity while shortening the workday
Prioritize actions that propel your business forward