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Success Stories

Other business owners have gained control—you can too!

I can find the top of my desk and anything else I need. That’s a first for me. The systems Joan helped me implement have had an unbelievably positive impact on my life. I was frustrated and discouraged and never functioning to my potential. You can’t imagine how great it feels to walk into a clean office and get right to work. I’m more productive, more focused, and a lot more in control of my business and life.
— Jamie Rauth, Owner, Connections

 Creative Office Solutions helped me get past 14 years of a ‘piling system’ and finally get my office organized in a system that works. I can retrieve materials quickly and easily, and each piece of paper that crosses my desk has its place. The methods have even started to spill over to my home life. Alleluia!
— Owner, Graphic Design Firm

I recommend this seminar for people who want 25 hours out of a 24-hour day. The tidbits I received have added at least 30 to 60 minutes a day to my life—both personally and professionally.
— Ralph McCarthy, Branch Manager, Flagstar Bank

 I was surprised by the amount of useful information about organization and efficiency in this seminar. The comprehensive information extended way beyond the bounds of simply filing to a whole, integrated package. I will be out of the information rat race and into the productivity race by December 31!”
— Rick Pinter, President, Data Design Solutions

As a life-long disorganized person, I felt constantly burdened by the mess that surrounded me. I knew I could conquer the world, if I could just get through the paper on my desk and on my counters. Now it feels great to see the tops of my desk and counters. I know where everything goes, and it has changed my life.
— Tastefully Simple Consultant , GO (Get Organized) Seminar attendee